Frequently Asked Questions

How Long has Triple Finale been around and where are you located?

We are headquartered in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in the lovely city of Redmond, WA. but our team of professionals are located worldwide.  As of 2023 we are a new Triple-ending Audio-book Platform and we were inspired to provide Authors with a fun short story platform to generate additional income. 

How much time does it take to create Triple-ending Short Stories?

Okay, this answer can differ from person to person, but we did actually test and time the process prior to our launch. Most of our authors were able to create their triple-ending short stories in 2-3 weeks.  Then it took approximately 4 days to 1 week for the Narrator to record and edit the audio.  The entire short story should be between 20-30 minutes including the ending, which is typically 3500 – 4000 words.

How do we get paid?

We use Stripe for Vendor Commission Payouts.  When you sign up for the Author Membership, you will get 2 emails.  The first allows you to set up your Membership Profile and a second email contains the link to the Vendor Registration Form.  Once you set these up, there is a link to create and connect your Stripe Account, where you will get paid a 60% commission for each sale.

Are there guidelines for the type of story that I create?

We are considered a family friendly platform.  Of course, we do have genre’s that are geared more towards adults like the Romance, Suspense and Sci-Fi genres.  We encourage your innovation when you create your short stories, so have fun with your story-lines.  Our basic guideline is that the stories should not be offensive, aggressively disrespectful or threatening in nature (Feel free to check out our Terms of Use).

The audience is able to provide feedback and ratings that should give you insight into which stories they love. You can always delete or edit and re-post a story at any time.

Can my story be featured on the Triple Finale Podcast?

Our Triple Finale Podcast is a fantastic way to showcase your name, story and style of writing.  We are excited to support you with an opportunity to have your story featured on our Podcast, which is on the Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, Amazon Music, IHeart, Stitcher, TuneIn and Pandora platforms. We have a review process.  Not every story will be featured, but you are free to send a story for review as part of the Author Membership

Can I create stories with another person?

We do not have any guidelines against creating stories with another person.  We leave it up to you to work through how you will split the commissions and who will get credit for writing the story and how you will list the Vendor name.  When you purchase a membership, you can be an individual or a company. 

We do have strong guidelines when it comes to assuring that the stories you post on the Triple Finale Platform are owned by you outright.  You are not able to copy or steal work from another person. You are responsible for confirming that the work is not reproduced or stolen.  Please check our Terms of Use if you have any questions regarding this issue.

Explain the Triple-Ending Format to me? How should I do the Audio Recording?

We found the best way to create Triple Finale short stories is to come up with a fantastic plot and determine where the breaking point will be in the story.  Usually, this is the apex or climax of the story, because you want to create suspense as the audience is left wondering, ‘how will this story end?’.  Then you would create 3 alternate endings and record them separately.

When you create your products to sell on the platform, you will upload the main story and upload ending #1 for the first Version of your story.  Then you will upload the main story and upload ending #2 for the second Version and so on. When you create your bundle, you will upload the main story and all 3 endings.  Be sure to watch the Author Training Videos in the Author Resource section if you have any questions.

Audio Files: How Large? What Format? What if it's too large?

We encourage MP3 or MP4 Audio-file formats. These files should be no larger than 20MB. If your file needs to be compressed to a smaller size and you don’t have an option for file compression, we do have an Audio-file Compression Service that is $10.00 per file compression.  You can find the request here: Audio Compression Request Form

You can load multiple files for each product.  Each individual file should be less than 20MB;s.