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5 Compelling Reasons to Earn Money Working from Home using the Triple Finale™ Short Story Platform

Welcome to the fascinating home of triple-ending short stories!  We’re excited to offer a platform trio (Audio-book/eBook/Podcast) with a unique twist. Below, we’ve listed 5 compelling reasons to create your own short stories to sell on our Triple Finale™ Short Story Platform.

  • We are different; We offer Short Stories with a Twist!
  • Audio-books are rising to an audience estimated at over 35 billion by 2030
  • Flexibility! Work your own schedule in your favorite location, solo or with a team.
  • It’s fun! There are over 5 popular short story formats to choose from
  • The process is easy!

1) We are different. We offer Short Stories with a Twist!

  • Our stories have 3 endings
  • We offer Audio-books, eBooks and a Podcast
  • We have several genres to select

Triple Finale™ is a Flash-Fiction (Audio-book / eBook) SaaS Marketplace Platform.  What does that mean? In short, we offer a platform for you to sell your short stories online as an exciting new way to generate extra income!  Every short story has 3 endings, and every short story is offered as both an audio-book and eBook to promote an all-encompassing platform which meets the needs of our customers.  Some stories can even be featured on our Podcast which can be found on major platforms like Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, Amazon Music and more.

We offer a variety of genres to fit your style including Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi, Suspense and Kid-Friendly options.  This collection of twists has authors from every walk of life joining in to create their own line of Triple Finale™ Trilogies.  Our unique trilogy format adds an extra layer of fun for the audience to encounter.  They never know how the story is going to end.  You can kill off the main character in one of the endings if the story-line is headed in that direction or you can make them the hero.  The choice is up to you.  Your audience will have fun selecting their story ending.  If curiosity gets the best of them, they can purchase your story as a bundle where they will get access to all 3 of the endings that you have created.

2) Audio-books are rising to an audience estimated at over 35 billion by 2030

We’ve discovered that interest in audio-books is on the rise globally.  In fact, by 2030, the Global Audio-book Market is anticipated to grow to over $35 billion according to Grand View Research. With an increased consumption for shorter audio-book stories audiences worldwide are seeking fun short stories as a form of entertainment, and this trend is not expected to end anytime soon.  Our Flash Fiction short story format is an ideal structure to utilize when creating short stories to generate extra income.

Triple Finale™ loves a great story that can be experienced in a short amount of time.   Flash Fiction Short Stories (often referred to as micro-stories) are very short stories with an exhilarating plot.  Triple Finale Flash Fiction short stories can be experienced in approximately 20 – 30 minutes.  We’ve developed a marketplace for individuals like yourself to create Flash Fiction short stories that are fun for your audience to enjoy as a recreational activity.

3) Flexibility!  Work your own schedule in your favorite location, solo or with a team

You decide when, where and what you are going to write.  You have the flexibility to go to your favorite location and compose a work of art for all to enjoy.  Bring your short story to life!  Since this is an Audio-book/eBook combo, you can add music and sound to bring your audio-books to life the same way that you can use pictures and special fonts to bring your eBook to life.  Animate your stories.  Make them brief and fun while making them sparkle!

We encourage Authors, Writers, Bloggers, Content Creators, Novelists, Journalist, Essayists, Playwrights, Screenwriters, Novices and more to join in on the excitement of writing Flash Fiction Short Stories on our platform while generating income from the sale of short story downloads.  We want everyone to join in on the fun, because your stories don’t have to be perfect, just enjoyable!

For instance, you can create Flash Fiction stories on your own or with a friend.  That’s right, compose with your favorite person or group of individuals and let your thoughts go wild as you develop cool story-lines with triple-endings!   There are so many formats that you can use to create your story, and we will get into that more in the next section.

4) It’s fun! There are 5 popular short story formats to choose from and the process is easy!

Triple Finale™ Short Stories have a variety of formats that you can use to create your trilogies.  We have listed some of the most popular ones below, but we are certain that you may discover more.

  • Traditional Trilogy Format – This format is a basic Trilogy where the main story (or body of the story) is the same and each ending has an alternate, unrelated outcome. The main character stays the same in all 3 endings.
  • Linked Trilogy Format – This format is a fun experience for the audience in that the main story (or body of the story) is the same and the alternate endings have one small element that changes the outcome in each of the 3 endings. For example, if the main character ran through the woods and came to 3 differently colored doors amid the trees, each ending could describe what happens as the character goes through each door.  The linked element in this case, is the door.
  • Puzzle/ Game Format – With this fun format, there is a mystery to be solved, but you need elements from the other 2 story endings to solve the puzzle. The audience has the main story (or body of the story) and each ending reveals something wonderful that gets them close to solving a mystery that you have created, but they need all 3 endings to experience the full outcome. This format is fun for the adventurous Authors!
  • Chronological & Reverse Order Format – This is a format that gives the audience a sneak peek at what the main character is doing at various stages of time. Each alternate ending shows a snapshot of the characters in varied time-frames: Example 1 year out, 5 years out, 10 years out and so on.  Also, in Reverse order, the main body of the story would introduce an outcome and the 3 alternate endings would describe what 3 alternate circumstances (in time) led up to that particular outcome that we experienced in the main story.
  • Main Character Switched Format – This is a format where the main character is not obvious in the main story, but the alternate endings follow different characters at the end. For example, the main story might be about a family.  One ending may follow the mother, while another follows the father, and another follows the children or another family member.  The combinations here are figuratively endless.  This format differs from the Traditional Trilogy Format because it switches the main character.

5) The process is easy and fun.

For more detail on how this process works and how to get started as a Triple Finale™ Author, check out our website which gives you videos to watch and our customer service line to contact if you have any questions.

The steps are easy and are as follows:

  • Come up with a fun plot to a short story; by yourself or with someone else.
  • Think of 3 exciting ways to bring your story to an end.
  • Write your main story, then write each ending separately.
  • Narrate/record your main story, then narrate each ending separately. (You can also hire someone to narrate your story for you). You don’t have to spend a lot of money to record your story.  You can even record yourself reading the story while on a virtual meeting and upload that audio file as your book.
  • Create a Triple Finale account by registering for the Standard Author Membership.
  • Give your story a name and add it to the Triple Finale platform.
  • Set up your profile so that you can get paid each time your story is downloaded.

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Thank you for joining us!